“With her feet firmly rooted on the ground, she opens her arms wide and reaches for the sky. With a head full of dreams, she unfurls herself to a world of opportunities while still remaining in her values through the seasons”.

Our "Winged, but rooted" AW2022 collection is an ode to the contemporary queen. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to reflect the feminine qualities of the conscious woman while accentuating her natural beauty: inside out.

LINA scarf, which was meticulously handcrafted by our Creative Designer and Founder, Justyna Lysak, is a Mynalabel statement piece this season. Each white, non-violent (peace) silk fabric piece is first outlined with a waterproof base and then painted one brushstroke at a time. To permanently set the colours, this process is followed by steaming and washing. The edges are then carefully curled in and sewn.

Like the chapters of a novel, every new season has its own unique charms. While we enjoy each season, the period between them when we are all preparing for the dawn of a new season is one of our favourites.
We love creating outfit combinations using our summer pieces and styling them for cold months. Transitioning from summer to fall is our speciality — our perfect blend! It is easy to get trapped in the mindset of compulsive buying, but we are here to encourage you to make choices that impact you and our planet positively.
Are you ready to see how we style our summer collection pieces effortlessly into fall?
Come, have a look! We will show you how to increase the cost per wear of your clothes.
Stay inspired, with Mynalabel.